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BirdNote Offers
 Free Resources for Educators

Wed, March 22, 2017

I was really happy to see this announcement in my inbox this morning. Not only is it a great resource for educators, homeschoolers, volunteers, it’s also excellent for all of us who consider ourselves life long learners. What a wonderful way to enhance those outdoor adventures with the wee ones in your life!

SEATTLE, WA – BirdNote is a two-minute public radio program that’s heard by millions of people throughout the world every day. We’re pleased to announce the official launch of a web page full of resources for educators, homeschoolers, and lifelong learners. Share the joy of birds, birding, and conservation with curious students of any age. You’ll find it at Tune Kids In to Nature.

For 12 years, BirdNote has been educating and inspiring people to care about birds and nature. Now, teachers have an easy way to use BirdNote stories in the classroom. Starting today, free educational content is available, including:
• Links to more than 75 stories, organized by grade level, topic, and Next Generation Science Standards topics
• Lesson plans - Nine plans for age-specific groups in K-12 classrooms, which meet a variety of NGSS and Common Core state standards
• Photos, videos, and nest- and feeder-cams to inspire students
• Access to BirdNote’s archive of nearly 1,400 stories, suitable for science, language arts, social studies, geography, and other classes.

Tune Kids In to Nature is designed to be a convenient source of content and creativity for educators of all kinds. BirdNote is an ideal teaching tool, with compelling stories, photos, and videos about the intriguing habits of birds. Rich in sound, imagery, and information, the stories pique curiosity and cultivate better listening skills, too.

“We’re excited to offer these free resources to educators. Because BirdNote stories are fun and fascinating, they inspire listeners of all ages to care about the natural world. We hope educators will use two minutes of BirdNote as a springboard for a wide variety of subjects. Then we invite them to report back to us and share their ideas. We’re eager to make the Tune Kids In to Nature project an ever-increasing resource for teachers,” said Sallie Bodie, BirdNote’s executive director.