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Midwest Summer Fishing Report, Dale Bowman , Jul 21

Ticks are becoming growing problem, Jeremiah Haas, Jul 19

Lake Iroquois Huge Fish Kill, Kenya Ramirez, Jul 19

The Science behind Fish Oil Supplements, NPR Illinois, Jul 19

Redear Sunfish Record, Dale Bowman , Jul 19



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Recent entries


Through the Lens…Will He?

Mon, October 25, 2010

Willie exploring the river bottom woods

Wille, Wide Glide Willie, made his entrance to our household last Monday. Suffice it to say,  the last seven days have been more than interesting, more than fun, and often more than exasperating. Mr. Yellow Ball of Fur seemed like a Willie to me and the Wide Glide is a nod to his big blocky build. But Willie has morphed in Will He? Will he fetch? Will he eat the shoe? Will he puddle on the floor? Will he systematically empty the basket of clean laundry and cart every piece out the door to the deck? OH WHAT WILL HE DO NEXT???

Willie getting acquainted with Buddy The Moose Dog

No mere duck dog, Willie has actually has an important job ahead of him, he’s training to be my next service dog. My current gal Dolly is showing her age and at ten has just about reached the end of her career. Bless her heart, Dolly deserves a comfy retirement basking in the sun on the deck. Buddy, the moose dog in the household,  is a tad too stubborn and tad too friendly to ever make the cut as a service dog, but Willie..Willie is showing great promise already. I feel certain Will will have a very well documented life. He’s already learned that the sound a shutter makes means smile at the camera and pose.

A mere 24 hours in the household and he already was grasping the importance of posing and smiling

I’ll leave you all wondering…what Will-he do next?


What a Weekend Afield!

Mon, October 25, 2010

Youth from Chicago to Anna gathered at the World Shooting and Recreational Complex in Sparta for a Youth Wingshooting Clinic and Controlled Pheasant Hunt

Wow! What a busy weekend I’ve had. Saturday was a fun filled day with the young folks and volunteers at the Wingshooting Clinic and Controlled Pheasant Hunt at the World Shooting and Recreational Complex in Sparta, IL; then zooming home long enough to change clothes and head off to the Kaskaskia Valley Delta Waterfowl Banquet.
Sunday was spent introducing the new pup Willie to more of the woods and the Mississippi river.
To say I have tons of photos and tales to share - well that’s an understatement. Here’s few of my favorites from the afternoon at the shooting complex to get things started. Rest assured there’s still lots to come!


Mama Gets her Big Buck - At Church!

Fri, October 22, 2010

One of the best things about belonging to WOMA (Women’s Outdoor Media Asociation) is all of the talented members that are there who really crank out some great reading material.

I loved fellow member Anne Vinnola’s latest blog entry so much regarding her experience with the big buck at church that I had to share it with folks here.

Mama Gets Her Big Buck at Church

Hope everyone enjoys her tale as much as I did!


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