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Stay on Target

Scholastic 3-D Archery

Thu, July 30, 2015

Have you ever heard of Scholastic 3d Archery (S3DA)?  If your answer is no, I hope to change that.
Let’s start with the basics.  The mission of the Scholastic 3D Archery program is to foster, educate and guide youth in the area of 3-D archery.  S3DA includes anybody that wishes to participate, beginning in 3rd grade and continuing through high school.  This is an extra-curricular program that can be a club, team or individual sport.  Students can participate in local events, a state championship, and even a national championship.  There are several different divisions, depending on the student’s grade and equipment. 

While S3DA is already 2.5 years old, it is currently expanding into Illinois.  I have recently been named as the State Coordinator for S3DA in Illinois.  To become involved in S3DA, all you have to do is find a willing coach or team leader.  If you need assistance, I can guide you through this.  A club can be formed within a school, out of an archery club or even out of a local shop.  As clubs form, I will help locate and designate ranges for local competitions.  Next year, we will not only be hosting an S3DA state championship, but the national championship will also be held in Illinois.  My goal as director is to have lots of clubs formed throughout the state and to provide competitions for S3DA members that are easily accessed no matter where in Illinois they reside. 

Why S3DA?  Due to archery showing up in recent popular movies, as well as some excellent press coverage from the past Olympic Games, archery is going through a growing phase.  People want more archery opportunities than currently exist, and 3d archery seems to be the most popular choice.  It is important that new archers receive the necessary instruction, and this is a large part of S3DA.  Fully certified clubs will have somebody that has attended a necessary training course to help assist the club members.  I don’t think it comes to anybody as a surprise that students who receive proper training are more likely to enjoy and continue shooting archery beyond high school.  Many of our students will finish their tenure in S3DA and will want to continue to shoot and compete in college.  Through S3DA, almost $200,000 worth of scholarships were handed out this past May.  As many new colleges come on board, this number is expected to rise dramatically. 

Another exciting part of S3DA was the announcement that the Pope and Young Club had partnered with S3DA.  The below statement is part of that press release:
“Discussions regarding a possible joint venture between S3DA and the Pope & Young Club have been in the works for a few months and came to a head at the recent Pope & Young convention in April,” says Dirk Dieterich, member of The Pope & Young Club’s Board of Directors. “Since their founding two and a half years ago, S3DA has done a phenomenal job of introducing young folks to archery and peaking their interest in bowhunting by utilizing 3D target archery and a family approach to the sport.  What was needed was a way to introduce these young folks to bowhunting and educate them about how important it is to become an ethical hunter and utilize the fair chase philosophy.  Our combined goal is to prove a “clear path” from introductory archery to a lifetime as bowhunters or bowhunting supporters.  Combining the talents and experiences of both organizations was the obvious way to accomplish this.”

Now you have heard of S3DA.  Hopefully, you will help support S3DA when the opportunity presents itself.  If anybody would like assistance in starting a club, or just simply has a few more questions they would like to ask me, feel free to email me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and I’ll be glad to assist you.