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Stay on Target

Giant Roadkill?

Thu, October 15, 2015

So, here is the story.  I do not know much, but many of you probably have seen this deer making the social media rounds today.  I was told about it last Friday and at that time it was a Missouri road kill.  The best information I am seeing now is that it traveled a bit west post mortem and has become a Kansas road kill.  Either way, assuming it is not officially branded as “Photoshopped!”, it is an unbelievably huge buck.  The mystery of the toilet right in front of the garage door has yet to be solved.

UPDATE: I found a photo somebody snapped through a spotting scope and it appears to show it feeding in the summer.  The more details that come out indicate that it is legit, and it was in the Kansas City area (which is likely the reason for the Missouri/Kansas confusion.


I also read it was a Kansas deer.  It’s huge!

Posted by Andy Meador on October 15

It’s huge alright. And that is a fresh cape. But two things stand out immediately to me. Number one is how disheveled the hair looks right around the bases. Its too fluffy and going all different directions. But more weird that the rack is oriented pretty much parallel to the ground, but the nose is pointed straight down. Imagine if that buck was looking straight at you. the tines would be over his back and the beams would point straight in the air. I am a taxidermist and I have seen some antler sets that were tipped back more than usual. But this would be extreme. I hope we hear more about it.

Posted by huntnut78 on October 15

Another pic of it.

Posted by goodsoil on October 16

I posted a second photo.  It seems this is a real, unaltered deer.

Posted by shootist on October 16

Yep, I stand corrected.  It just seems like there are so many hoaxes out there every year, I am automatically skeptical.  It was a beautiful buck. It’s unfortunate that a hunter couldn’t have connected with it.

Posted by huntnut78 on October 16

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