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Stay on Target

A Good Hunt

Mon, November 09, 2015

I had a fun day in the woods on Saturday.  It did not result in me shooting a big buck, or ever firing an arrow, but I did see pretty good action.  All in all, I saw 7 bucks and 6 doe/fawns.  This was hunting in pretty thick woods, so it was not a place that I could look out over hundreds of yards to see.  I never saw the buck I was after, but I did video a few of the bucks I watched.  If you have 4 extra minutes, give it a watch.


Very cool.  Any chance you’d like to switch spots with me?  For a change of scenery?  smile

Posted by Treehugger on November 09

Not a bad day indeed!

Posted by BIGPOND on November 09

Those little guys must have been down wind.  They caught a whiff of human!  I been seeing a nice little 8 just like that last one.  Love sittin in the woods just watchin them deer.  A shot at a big buck would be great but not a necessity.  Thanks for sharing the video!  You’re right, that was a great hunt.

Posted by Andy Meador on November 09

Andy, there were 4 bucks in the video. The first one you don’t see much about. The second one, I grunted in the second one just for fun. When it cleared the brush, it saw me. The last buck definitely smelled me. It went downwind and got nervous. It never could make me, and it eventually wandered off.

Posted by shootist on November 09

Gotcha.  I had the same thing happen a couple times this week.  A little swirl in the wind and they know something’s up.  Gotta love it!

Posted by Andy Meador on November 09

Thats not a good hunt, Thats an AWESOME hunt.LOL….Thanks for sharing darin….

Posted by WhitetailFreak on November 10

I know what you mean about an awesome day in the woods… Nov 1st, didn’t shoot anything but got to video tape some fantastic deer action… problem was my camera focused on some branches in front of me, so the video of the deer was blurred… in 25 years of hunting probably the most incredible afternoon I ever had… too bad the detail of the bucks were blurred… that being said… what type camera do you use?.... I need to upgrade my camera, this has happened to me one other time.

Posted by NWILLINOISHUNTER on November 11

NW, just turn off your auto focus.  It could either be a manual switch or in the menu.  Auto focus has killed many good deer videos.  Go manual everything!

Posted by Treehugger on November 11


I use a Canon Hf100.  It is 7-8 years old.  It has served me well over the years.

Posted by shootist on November 12

Thanks for the info guys… I’ll look into turning off the auto focus!

Posted by NWILLINOISHUNTER on November 12

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