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Roosters on a much cuter morning

Mon, November 29, 2010

If last Wednesday’s roosterless hunt in freezing rain was the ugly, Sunday morning was much cuter.  Nice hard frost on the ground and the sun started to pop through.  Wind was out of the east but not too bad.  English Springer partner in crime Lil continued her good behavior and worked close. 

It felt good to push through the cover and watch the day come to life.  A great horned owl slipped out of an old cottonwood along a creek and sailed silently away.  We tried south facing slopes, thinking that the sun would warm them first.  On our first pass we didn’t find anything so we started walking the edge of the cornfield heading north.  Lil got birdy and a rooster popped up in the corn stubble about 50 yards ahead of us.  Too far.  She dove back into the thick brush at the edge of the field and another rooster came up. I managed to scratch him down and Lil quickly found him.  Ah, weight in the game bag.  The day looked even better.

After trying some other cover with no luck, we headed back to the car.  I gave my south facing fields another pass with better results this time.  Lil was casting away and back running down the weedy corn rows at the edge of the field.  As she was headed back to me, she did a double take as she passed a tangle of foxtail.  I could tell by the way she held her head up that she had a good whiff of body scent and was trying to see the bird.  As she dove into the foxtail, a rooster came out headed toward the creek.  I hit him hard but he came up running when he hit the ground.  Lil was on the case and right behind him.  She managed to catch him after a short chase and the way she held her head up high on the way back let me know that she was pretty proud of herself.

The bird was a veteran and his spurs were almost ¾” long.  After emptying the gun and heading back to the car, Lil flushed another rooster.  Great to know that there are still some left.  We’re headed to Iowa later this week with Jeff Lampe and The Farmer.  It’s usually a great trip and the high point of our season.

Here is a shot of the veteran rooster.  I finally figured out how to use the macro setting on the camera.  This could be habit forming.


Lil was thrilled by the whole thing.  It’s just hard to read her expression.  She’s great at poker.



Your getting me pumped to start after these birds.  But we have to hit all the state parks for our birds.  But its just as fun as anywhere else and we always come home with birds.

Posted by MattS on November 29

God i love upland pointing dogs.

Posted by Treehugger on November 29

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