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Mon, July 09, 2012

It’s that time of year between food plot plantings, spring hunting/ fishing and early fall hunting/fishing so whatever does the outdoorsman do in 105 degree heat with 3 months separating him from his favorite time of year? Let me help you.  It’s time to cook the last of the venison you should have been eating all winter and spring from last season. It’s also a time to get gear ready and see what needs replaced from last year.

First and foremost I prepare for deer season by focusing on scent control, upon doing several seminars each year on the subject many folks have asked how does that Tek 4 stuff by Hunters Specialties work. It utilizes Silver and its ability to fight stinky enzymes (ok, that is my terminology). The Tek 4 line of clothing came out two years ago but is nonexistent in store fronts and web retailers.  I went straight to the source to see why and this is what Shawn Davis of HS had to say “Unfortunately, Hunter’s Specialties has discontinued the manufacture of Tek4 clothing and accessories based solely on the price of silver climbing and the challenge of staying competitive. Tek4 garments remain the best out there and a quick Google search may point you to some great “close-out” sales.”  While you may not easily find the Tek 4 clothing Under Armour and Bass Pro shops now have their own line of scent control clothing

H.S. now extinct attempt at scent control clothing

Under Armour’s latest offering in scent control clothing

Along the lines of cost savings and being prepared, I always struggle to keep bow rope handy that is tough yet economical. It doesn’t sound like a big deal but when you hand dozens of stands it starts to add up.  I have noticed some of the cool looking 5/16” camo rope from the big box stores is not very reliable, I can stand on one end and pull on it and actually ruin the rope, making it unsafe; not acceptable with $800 of gun or bow hanging from the end of it.  One old trick is to just get real heavy hardware type rope even quarter inch can support 70+ pounds, the problem is it usually comes in white and sticks out like a sore thumb.  A simple fix is to take some carpet/fabric stain or even some old deck or wood stain, and soak the rope just briefly enough to impart a dull subdued color allowing it to be concealed while hanging down from your stand.  A simple quick clip D ring on the bottom allows for fast quiet hook up of gear so you can limb unobstructed.

Lastly let’s take a look at cleaning out that freezer, don’t worry it’s a labor of love and it won’t be all that hard, most of it can be done from the air conditioned confines of your man cave. I pulled out my last pack of back strap from a tasty doe taken last October and cut some 1 ½ inch medallions, inserted a knife making a small hole and then a pocket; much like a jelly filled donut.  I then stuffed them with a blue cheese cream filling and wrapped them in bacon.  Finally they got a dash of Worcestershire sauce and a sprinkle of Canadian steak seasoning, the peppers got the same marinade both sitting in the fridge for about an hour; then on to a hot grill, served over some mashed potatoes.  Tasty to say the least.

While we are in the midst of a heat wave and drought, it doesn’t have to dry up all your efforts for fall, get your gear ready now, and enjoy eating some of last fall’s bounty so you’ll have freezer space for this coming season.

God Bless,
Matt Cheever ~ Flatlander



Matt- You must have a mean streak in you somewhere because by posting your awesome recipes and photos well before my lunch hour- you inflict upon me stomach pains and slobber/drool from your desk. That’s just mean! smile Regardless- good idea on the rope. Always seems to be the last thing I think about come opening day.

Posted by Mallardmike on July 09

Hey Matt - this recipe sounds delicious and simple!  One quick question: how did you make the bleu cheese cream filling?  Thanks!

Posted by Rabbit Hunter on July 10

I actually went to buy regular blue cheese crumbles and found this blue cheese spread, almost like a cream cheese consistancy and I thought that would be more uniform and not so sharp. It worked great, found it at Wal mart, it was cheaper than regular blue cheese also….....worked really well, they had some other kinds as well…...thinking something like a pepper jack cheese stuffed in pheasant or rabbit on some wild rice….... thanks, now ya gotta me thinkin’ about food again smile

Posted by Flatlander on July 10

Mmmmm…..pepper jack stuffed rabbit (Homer Simpson drooling sounds)...thanks Matt!!

Posted by Rabbit Hunter on July 10

Just saw your article on decoying in Sportsman Bowhunting magazine. Fun to see local guys get in a national magazine.

Posted by jcurri on July 11

thx J….helps to be surrounded by quality hunters and outdoorsman, that’s were the learning really comes in, from interacting with folks like the readers on here….. some real serious outdoorsman on here and I love it…it overflows in to everything else I do

Posted by Flatlander on July 12

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