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Deer Food, Deer as Food, and Gun Safety

Tue, February 21, 2012

We’re going to talk a little about what to do to prepare for food plots this spring and we’re going to talk about gun safety, but let’s not start anything on an empty stomach.

I know at times some of the dishes I share with you take some time and are best saved for a cold winter day or on the weekends when you have more time, but what about those nights you have kids ball practice, and two meetings, and take the car to the shop, and so on and so on. Yes you can make wild game as fast food, in fact most over cook wild game so it’s the perfect food on the fly

Let’s start with a quick Mexican dish that can be made just to your tastes and be as fancy or simple as you like.  I have to thank my wife for introducing me to Quesadilla’s, yes, I have had squid, clams, shark, sushi, lamb, crawdads, frog legs, and raccoon and even eaten crow (really) and I have never had quesadillas.  So thankfully Amy brought her quesadillas and I brought venison and together come delicious.

First marinate small pieces of any part of deer meat in an oil and taco seasoning, a little lime or lemon juice helps the meat tenderize as well.

After browning the meat to medium rare, set it aside and chop in to fine pieces.

Make a little Pico or use some salsa, but really it only takes a can of chopped tomatoes, Worcestershire sauce, salt some chopped green onions and a squeezed lime juice and maybe cilantro if you have it to make restaurant fresh Pico De Gallo.

Lay out your tortillas in the skillet, add you toppings, and always include cheese! Put a top tortilla on it, place a plate on top to hold in heat and keep flat. Flip them once and cut and serve.

You can serve as a snack, appetizer or meal, and get creative as you like, you won’t regret this 10-15 minute meal, and kids love them.

Next up Deer Sliders and I know what you’re thinking, everybody has had sliders, but not like this. I won’t say I have created a totally new concept but I have never had a burger served on garlic bread, and it is fantastic.

First defrost ground venison, and if you can at all help it don’t use the microwave, it imparts a funny taste on deer as it cooks in some of the blood, let it thaw the night before in the fridge.  Next there are two things I never leave out of deer burgers; season salt and Worcestershire sauce, garlic is usually in there but serving this on garlic bread rounds it all out.

No good burger is ever served plane so let’s dress it up with a little melted cheese and some onions. Everybody does grilled onions so let’s kick it up a notch.  Slice a small onion as thin as you safely can then dredge the onion rings in a bowl of hot sauce, Balsamic vinegar, a dash of sugar and a few drops of molasses or honey if you don’t have it. Toss this around in a bowl until coated and let stand at room temp, you’re not going to cook these, and yet they don’t completely have the raw onion bite.  The best way to describe them is a batter less sweat and hot onion ring, try them, you’ll be hooked.

Serve your sliders up with melted cheese, some saucy onion rings, maybe a little bbq sauce on some toasted garlic bread; simple but oh so good.  You can make this faster than you can order fast food, and sit down to eat it, no reason not to use that venison, and if you have Elk, Mule Deer or Antelope those work great too.

Now that you have a belly full get out and prepare for spring food plots, here is a list that will help you get ready

1.Clear brush, debris and dead plants and grasses from plot sites
2.Cut and clear tree limbs to allow light to come in on plot
3.Add to thickets and bedding areas with brush cutting and piling
4.Get sprayers and seeders and all equipment in working order so you don’t have to waste time when the Crappie are biting in another month or so

On a side note is has been about a year since the Bloomington, IL. Gun show “accidental” shooting and there have been a few local shows since then.  I will have to say the Gun Show at East Peoria a few weeks ago lacked on numbers of guns and looked more like a flea market but every single gun had a zip tie through the action so to the folks running that show, CONGRATS for keeping safety at the highest level.

The Bloomington, IL show last weekend had a good number of firearms and even more people, some estimated between 600-1000. That being said guns being brought in were zip tied with the actions opened and many on dealers tables were too, but not all. COME ON guys lets all get on the band wagon and make guns safer around crowds that big, I am not one of those guys that thinks we need a bunch of gun laws and safety devices but after seeing two men shot 30 yards from me last year for no reason, there could be some improvements at gun shows.  If a guy is serious about buying a gun, the strap can be removed and trigger pull and action checked but then it goes back on. I believe a life is worth a few .20 cent zip ties. It’s not a cure all but it would have prevented last year’s accident.

One last thought, if you have had your eye on a gun for a few years, buy it now, prices are up about 30-40 on everything from just 2-3 years ago. It’s like buying land; I don’t see prices dropping drastically any time soon.

Until next time, eat well, be safe and God bless
Matt Cheever ~ Flatlander


That looks incredible!

Posted by jcurri on February 21

Why don’t you put some of these recipes together and publish a great cook book?

Posted by greenhornet on February 21

Man that looks awesome matt, I say you invite some of us H.O. people over and lets eat..Im sure JCURRI is game:)

Posted by WhitetailFreak on February 21

meal recipes look very, very good!! (who cleans up the messes afterwards?) and i have been keeping an eye on a certain rifle the last couple years, it does cost more now! wasn"t sure if it was price of steel, or political reasons!

Posted by pbpete on February 21

I agree, when is the Heartland Outdoor GTG at your house…

I am a big fan of sliders myself, but I serve my on Hawaiian Sweet rolls…And the hotter the pan the better, smoke alarm is a sure sign you are doing it right…

Now onto the fish taco recipe…I know you got one…

Posted by outdoorlivin247 on February 21

Hmmm. all good ideas…..and PB we both do the clean up, take turns, I try to cook recipes with the least amount of pans possible smile  and several other good comments for blog sources to come….....stay tuned smile

Posted by Flatlander on February 22

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