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Deer and Turkey Classic gear review

Tue, March 27, 2012

First let me apologize about the photo quality, I had to switch back and forth between a broken phone and broken camera; it’s amazing equipment just doesn’t hold up to being dropped from treestands, submerged in water, Crappie slime, and Deer butchering. A new camera and smart phone are in the works, donations will be accepted at …………….. Just kidding.  It’s not very funny that a new phone and a new camera will cost more than my first two or three vehicles, but so goes it.

There were some good buys at the deer show this year, I saw a few things that really caught my eye, one being a trail cam that sends images straight to a cell phone for under $300.

I was super impressed by Hillbilly Custom Game Calls, now I didn’t get anything free or even ask to but I was just completely taken by the work ethic, hunting heritage, and all around good sportsmanship of these guys. They have that Southern hospitality and weren’t there to show off their sideburns or leather pants, just good old hunting boys from the south with great calls at reasonable prices. I love how raspy some of their hen diaphragm calls were.

These guys were making calls right at the show, teaching how to use them and giving advice but putting very little emphasis on themselves; they were focused on their customers and being polite, that goes along way with me.

You can find them at

I also heard several people comment on the Budget Buck, I for one kind of laughed at first but got to thinking this may have its place.  I know most folks aren’t going to put one of these plastic deer heads on a stone fireplace in a $400,000 lodge and that isn’t what they are intended for.  The ideal place for these are in the garage or any place you can’t control the climate and don’t want to see $500 dry out and fall apart. It would have a place in a hunting camp where you may be concerned about leaving valuables, you could even change the rack out each year to showcase the biggest youth shot buck or maybe a set of shed antlers. It’s a great way to give a live look to a set of antlers that you simply don’t intend on mounting.  It could show off your antlers while you are on a one or two year waiting list to get you head mounted, you could put some of your old racks from years ago on display and then change them out later if you wanted to. It’s a nice way to temporarily or permanently display a set of antlers without worrying for the care or cost of a mount.  I won’t likely have one in my family room but they have a place and a market for sure.

Regardless of what you do at the Classic It’s really not a good time until you share it with friends and enjoy a good meal.  I lucked out and had two fabulous meals and lots of friends to share them with. Friday I celebrated 10 years of my wife putting up with me through marriage and we celebrated by going to Jim’s Steakhouse.  The picture doesn’t do it Justice but this was the finest meal I have ever had, and that is saying allot coming from a professional eater.  Fillet Mignon’s topped with a variety of sea food and sauces and asparagus and crab cakes and portabellas’, and…… get the idea.

Last and not at all least a great Italian feast provided by the Lampe’s for the HO bloggers, what a great time and lots of laugh’s, I’m not sure what had me laughing more, Wamsley’s rattlesnake story or Chef Todd’s zipper question, anyway great group of folks, good weekend, fun town. 

Now that deer are in the rearview mirror it’s time to think fins, I can’t wait to start spending more time on the water.

Be safe and God bless
Matt Cheever ~ Flatlander




Sorry Tim, my vote goes to Chef Todd for his zipper story.  I think it was more fun watching Todd try to dig himself out of a hole.

Posted by Treehugger on March 27

I Totally Agree TH!!  Had fun with you guys!!!

Posted by walmsley on March 27

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