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Recent entries



Victorious Veterans

Tue, November 16, 2010

Story as told by Sherman Fields

I am fortunate to have some great friends and we have enjoyed many enjoyable hunts over the past 25+ years. That said, over the past years, we have not been able to hunt together as much as we would like due to 3 of our hunting buddies serving military duty in country and overseas.

This year, we were lucky to all be able to get together for a Wyoming Pronghorn Antelope Hunt.

We were all able to take a pronghorn and enjoy the vast expanses of “God’s Country”.  We hunted a 40,000 acre cattle ranch and were guided by the rancher and his first hand – terrific people.

here are three men that have served our country for many years and their antelope.
The 3 soldiers pictured in the photos are:

Colonel William Renn Gade (active)

Thomas Audetat (Brother of Renn)

T. J. Audetat (son of Thomas)

Also in the buck pole picture is Vince Audetat (brother of Thomas and Renn) Clay Crago (rancher) Miles (first hand) and me.

Great group of people – proud to call them my friends.

Gentlemen, congradulations on your trophies but most importantly thank you for giving of your lives to protect mine!  Job well done…..... in many ways
God bless all of you,


Zeroed in

Sun, November 14, 2010

It’s a little windy today but make sure to get out this afternoon or some evening this week and do your final sighting for Illinois’ first shotgun season coming up this week.  Here is a run down of what i like to do to prevent wasting time and ammunition.  First shoot from a solid rest, some sort of bench or table. Have some type of device for keeping as much human factor out of the sighting as possible.  I like to start at 25 yards, as it’s about the same as 100 yards when using shotgun and muzzleloaders.  If your comfortable at 25 move it to 100 yards, it should be about the same.  Some people like to be about 2 inches high at 100, i like it dead center. 

I believe in having a Mil-Dot scope using the first dot down for my next measurement, usually 150 yards then the next hopefully around 200 on the muzzleloader.  Shoot until you are confident in your gun. If not try another day with less wind, and steadier nerves.  Remember keep the wind at your back for less variation and wind drift. Colder temperatures and wind at your back both make the bullet hit just a bit higher than warm termperatures and a head wind.  Always keep wind in mind when shooting in open terrain past 100 yards. Good luck and shoot straight.


We’ll have more on muzzleloaders and a powder review coming up, stay tuned

Be safe and God bless


Best of the Best

Thu, November 11, 2010

              You may wonder why review a bow in the middle of bow season, shouldn’t we all be set up in what we feel is an appropriate rig for this season? The answer is yes you should , but there are a few circumstances to look at.  Let’s say you were drawing back on a doe a few weeks ago and your bow kicked off your tree stand and is a total disaster.  No it wasn’t me, that is why I keep a back up bow.

We are only 42 days from Christmas and some of you may need every day from here on to convince your spouse that you were good enough this year to receive such a gift. The other reasons are that the new bows will be coming out in just a couple months and there may be some deals on current models.  The best time to get a new bow is directly after season ends so you have plenty of time to get familiar with your new bow. The hard part is deciding what to get.

I like a smooth, quiet, forgiving, fast bow, in that order.  I found myself needing a new bow early on last spring and my top choices were the Elite GT 500 and The Bow Tech Destroyer. Let’s look at these two. The Elite GT 500 has an axle to axle length of almost 35” with a brace height of 7 1/8”, I like a longer bow and larger brace height that is more forgiving and less finicky in my hands.  The GT500 shoots right at 290 feet per second as tested. The Bow Tech Destroyer 350 has a 6” brace height with a 32 3/8” axle to axle length.  The Destroyer shot about 302 feet per second set up in full hunting mode.

Bow Tech Destroyer 350

Eltie GT 500

Both bows are plenty fast, and fairly quiet though they benefitted from string silencers. I like the natural beaver balls.  I could go on all day about bow specs. but what really matters is how it performs in your hands.  The Bow Tech draws a bit smoother but has a tad bit more hand shock after the shot. The Elite is harder to let down from full draw without being detected (this is a key component for hunting mature bucks, the last thing you need is for them to look up if you need to let down).  I chose the Elite GT 500 in the end, which is a good thing because I wasn’t able to pry the Destroyer from a fellow flatlander after the demo.

You can currently go to most manufacturers web sites and see the new bows for 2011 though it may be awhile before they are on hand. I assure you there is nothing wrong with any of the top brands current year models.  There are many good bows on the market, Bear makes a good bow, along with Hoyt and Mathews. PSE is no slouch either, just make sure to get what fits you and feels right. It’s all about confidence and I am confident either of these bows would get the job done and done well.  A special thanks to Select Archery for providing the Bow Tech for the review and Josh Byrd for the Elite.

So if you need a new bow right now or want to hold out for a few months you have plenty to think about. If your bow has seen better days get shopping now so you have time to get to know your new hunting partner for next year.

Be safe and God bless,


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