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A true giant

Wed, November 24, 2010

Keith Cavallini and I have been good friends since early grade school. We both started bow hunting in high school; back in the day when it wasn’t the popular thing to do.  We both went to college, Keith to a fine engineering school, myself to local community college. I couldn’t wait to get out in the world, start making money.  Keith was the smart one, stayed in school, worked his way up the automotive industry and starting his own engineering company. I spent my years in the woods chasing critters of all sorts.

In the last five years Keith and I have brought the best of both worlds together. Keith invested in a small piece of Illinois property, while he worked hard paying the bills in the jungles of Detroit, i was working on a different type of jungle. We worked diligently on making a place that would grow and draw big mature bucks along with many other species of wildlife.

Keith has far more invested in this little project than i do, he has the payment book on the property and has to buy out of state tags costing nearly $500 a year. This is the fifth year Keith has swallowed the bitter pill of forking out some serious money to hunt his own ground in his home state.

Little did he know on November 3rd the medicine was about to get tastier. He had gotten off to a slow start this fall without even getting to draw his bow back on a doe. That changed at 7:35 in the morning.  Not only did he see a great buck, he watched a 140” ten point with a drop tine get chased off by the deer of a life time.  Keith’s 192” gross green score non typical is a deer even Stan Potts would be envious of.

Congratulations Keith, if anyone can truly deserve such a deer it is you! Nice work

the lesson to be learned here is an old one, take care of the land and it will take care of you

be safe and God bless,


A Shooter

Tue, November 23, 2010

1st Shotgun season is like Christmas for the Illinois deer hunter; hardly sleeping the eve before in anticipation of what is to come. If i were to write a script for the perfect gun season it might include hunting your favorite stand in hopes of shooting a large antlered beast and filling some doe tags to feed the family this winter. It might include spending time with buddies in deer camp, around a fire, butchering deer together, or maybe just watching the sun come up on a frosty morning with a simple deer sighting.

I had all these expectations and by mid day Friday hunting buddy Mike and i both had an antler less deer tagged and we were headed to a new spot for the afternoon hunt. We decided to hunt together out of our “war wagon” ground blind in the hopes of slaying a giant…... or maybe more does if possible.

It takes a special mind set to sit from dark until dark in a blind in the middle of a featureless picked crop field with the hopes of seeing a deer. Mike had taken a second doe on Friday afternoon so i was up to bat Saturday morning. A group of does came in after first light and presented an easy 100 yard shot. My muzzle loader shoots a 1” group at 100 yards so missing that doe was quite an embarrassment. I believe i must have been over confident and pulled the shot not focusing on an exact spot, that is my story and i am sticking to it. The miss did get my attention back to the task at hand; executing the shot properly! Deer started moving about the field as we videod a small 6 pointer and some does a buck caught my attention out of the back of the blind. It wasn’t just a buck it was a shooter buck and a good one in my book!

He came in to within 250 yards and bedded down for a half hour, intrigued but not convinced by our decoys he proceded to parade by at 200 yards stopping for one last look. I ranged him at 200 yards, held my mil dot scope appropriately and asked Mike if he had the camera on him and recording? He gave me the green light and i let the T/C Omega bark . The buck that i thought was a real nice 8 point was indeed nice. It was my second best buck to date and had 12 scorable points and was approx. 6-7 years old and green gross scored 156”.

Sundays action was a bit slower as we didn’t get out until after church but all in all a great time, with great friends, several deer in the freezer, good fellowship while many of us got together to butcher. What more could you ask for in the Illinois deer opener. I wonder what second season will be like??? can’t wait

until then be safe and God bless


Victorious Veterans

Tue, November 16, 2010

Story as told by Sherman Fields

I am fortunate to have some great friends and we have enjoyed many enjoyable hunts over the past 25+ years. That said, over the past years, we have not been able to hunt together as much as we would like due to 3 of our hunting buddies serving military duty in country and overseas.

This year, we were lucky to all be able to get together for a Wyoming Pronghorn Antelope Hunt.

We were all able to take a pronghorn and enjoy the vast expanses of “God’s Country”.  We hunted a 40,000 acre cattle ranch and were guided by the rancher and his first hand – terrific people.

here are three men that have served our country for many years and their antelope.
The 3 soldiers pictured in the photos are:

Colonel William Renn Gade (active)

Thomas Audetat (Brother of Renn)

T. J. Audetat (son of Thomas)

Also in the buck pole picture is Vince Audetat (brother of Thomas and Renn) Clay Crago (rancher) Miles (first hand) and me.

Great group of people – proud to call them my friends.

Gentlemen, congradulations on your trophies but most importantly thank you for giving of your lives to protect mine!  Job well done…..... in many ways
God bless all of you,


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