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October 6, 2012

Big Bucks Corner

Trent Hofstatter’s 9-pointer

Sat, October 06, 2012

trent buck


My son Trent is a 10-year-old who has been hunting with me for several years. His dream has always been to shoot a bigger buck than his dad’s some day. On Saturday evening of the youth hunting season 2012, his dream came true in Woodford County.

He was starting to get impatient and ready to give up on a chance to see deer that evening, when two does came out. They were feeding at the edge of the field, but they never got to where he could get a clear shot.

Trent was shaking so badly and breathing so hard that I thought for sure we were busted. They kept feeding, and went back towards cover. I tried to get him to calm down and regain some composure, because they were still only 35 yards away.

What happened next was the best thing any father could pray for. A massive 9-point buck came straight out into the field, and went over to the standing corn. He began thrashing his antlers in the stalks and eating corn. By now Trent’s heart was beating out of his chest, but he could not get a clear shot.

After what seemed like an eternity, the buck came in like he was on a string to about 20 yards, and turned broadside. As he took careful aim, I reminded Trent to calm down and squeeze the trigger.

When the shot went off, I knew he had hit the buck, but was unsure of the placement. After some fist bumps, cheering, and a lecture about how patience pays off, we climbed down to check for a blood trail. As I was climbing down the buck jumped and took off.

The next few minutes were a little tense, as we were not finding any blood. We finally found some blood, but we could tell that it was gut shot. So we made a decision to back out for the night. After a sleepless night, Grandpa and some friends met us at the corn crib the next morning to hopefully find the buck.

We headed out and got right on the trail. We had a very hard time with the tracking, and Trent was ready to give up more than once, but this is where patience pays off. After two hours of very hard tracking, we had found the buck of his dreams, well what was left of him after the coyotes got done. He was very upset that the coyotes had found him first, but he knew that if we had not backed out the night before we would probably would never have seen the buck again,and he wouldn’t be holding those antlers in his hands.

Hopefully the coyotes left enough of the cape that the buck of his dreams can be mounted. Later that afternoon, even though she wasn’t lucky enough to see a deer, his sister Taylor, who is 12, got to take a little revenge on the coyote population.

taylor coyote