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Oct. 4, 2011

Big Bucks Corner

Scott Schauble’s 14-pointer

Tue, October 04, 2011

stickers pic

Twelve times Scott Schauble held back last year. It wasn’t really all that difficult, either.

Schauble and his family practice strict quality deer management at their McDonough County farm.

“We don’t shoot 3 1/2-year-olds any more and we try to pass up 4 1/2-year-olds,” he explained.

So mature males like “Stickers” – the name given to this particular buck – get a chance to grow, develop and reach their potential. In this case, development was impressive.

From a 140-class 3 1/2-year-old, Stickers blossomed into the buck you see pictured above next to Schauble.

“He jumped 35 inches in a year,” Schauble said. “Which is amazing to me. I’ve tracked a lot of deer over the years and we’ve never had a deer jump up like that before.”

No question it helps that the Schaubles leave 2 1/2 acres of clover and 7 acres of standing corn and beans for their deer through the winter. “I think after having a food source through the winter they are a lot healthier by spring,” Schauble said.

Hunting carefully also helps.

Stickers came out of a 40-acre sanctuary that the Schauble clan leaves to the deer as a bedding spot. Instead of stirring up the bedding area, Schauble hunted a pinch point on a travel route to an acorn flat nearby. He chose a stand called Fort Knox, because it produces so many big deer.

After waiting until Oct. 4 for a south wind, Schauble headed out to the stand.

At first, hunting was slow. Then a doe passed by. He grabbed his bow to get ready. Then he saw the lower half of a deer walking.

“As he came around the end of some brush it was him,” Schauble said. “He got to about 20 yards and turned broadside.”

This time, Schauble didn’t let Stickers walk.

Here is a trail-cam picture of Stickers this year.

Stickers trail cam

Here are trail-cam pictures of Stickers from 2010.

Stickers 2010 1

stickers 2010 cam 2