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Oct. 12, 2010

Big Bucks Corner

Mark Smith’s archery double

Tue, October 12, 2010

Smith double

I had been having a slow start to this years archery season. I hadn’t been seeing many deer, although my hunting buddies had them swarming around them. I primarily hunt public ground in Central Illinois. I had probably 20 hunting trips here in Christian county, 6 in Cass and 1 in Fayette.

This day started much the same for me. I had seen one deer run up and over the hill to my right while my Grandson and his dad had seen 5 bucks already. We had planned to climb down around 9:30 for a breakfast break and then return later for the evening.

About 9 a.m. I look over at my Grandson Dalton, whose sitting about 50 yards away, and he’s pointing towards me. A doe had slipped in through the heavy under cover and was just 15 yards away. I watched her for a bit while she was deciding which way to turn. When it looked like she was going to continue away from Dalton I went ahead with my shot. My Grim Reapers did the job. I hit her on the left and it shattered her right shoulder. She let out a war whoop and ran in front of me and expired about 20 yards away.

While I’m looking at Dalton and doing some fist pumps he’s pointing at the ground again. I look down and there is an 8-point buck in the exact spot where I shot the doe. He’s looking confused trying to find his mate. Once again I wait. I’m hoping he turns towards Dalton so he can have a shot. Instead he turns and walks the same path the doe took before she died. He stops directly below my stand.

I’m shooting a 150-pound crossbow and usually have to use a cocking aid because of my bad shoulder. I lower my bow to my platform, give a pull on my string and it clicks into place. He’s still there. I reach behind me and take another bolt from the quiver and the quiver drops to the ground. He’s still still there. I knock the bolt and click the safety off and by now he has walked over to the dead doe 13 yards away. He’s standing there looking around but he’s behind some thick cover and I have no shot. Finally after a couple minutes he steps from behind the cover and I let her fly. It hits him in the right side and exits through the heart and left lung. He’s now down about 30 yards away.

Many thanks go to Grim Reaper mechanical broadheads for never failing to open for me, my grandson Dalton, his dad Steve and my son-in-law Greg for the help in getting them dressed and drug out through some hilly and brushy timber.

My slow season turned into a double kill in a matter of minutes. Makes deer hunting worthwhile to me.