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Oct. 31, 2010

Big Bucks Corner

Luke Holthaus’ 20-pointer

Sun, October 31, 2010

holthaus field

This deer season started slowly for Luke Holthaus.

Through the first few weeks the 22-year-old bowhunter saw only one buck.

Any frustration ended in a hurry on Halloween night. At about 5 p.m. Holthaus saw the 20-pointer whose shed antler had been so intriguing.

“We hadn’t got any trail-cam pictures this year but we had picked up a shed from him last year,” Holthaus said. “To be honest, we didn’t know if he was still around or not because we hadn’t got any pictures of him.”

Somehow the big buck had eluded cameras. But he couldn’t elude Holthaus, who started bowhunting at age 12.

“He was following a doe through the woods and I watched him follow her for about 100 yards or so,” Holthaus said. “She dropped down a hill and so I snort wheezed and grunted at him. He stood there and looked for a little bit and then walked right toward me and got 25 yards away.”

Only problem was, Holthaus didn’t have a shot. And then the buck turned as if to head downwind. Or maybe to leave.

Faced with watching the biggest buck he’d seen on the hoof walk away, Holthaus bleated and stopped the buck broadside at 40 yards.

“I practice shooting at 40 and 50 expecting the worse when something happens,” he said.

Practice paid off in a shot that hit its mark. The buck ran just 50 yards before dropping.

The big buck has 20 scorable points and an inside spread of 18.5 inches and an outside spread of 22 inches. Holthaus had the buck measured by a friend who grossed it at 200 6/8 green.

“I’ll probably have a hard time beating him,” said Holthaus, who shoots a BowTech Guardian bow and Grim Reaper broadheads.


holthaus rack