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October 7, 2012

Big Bucks Corner

Jeremy Morris’s 23 Pointer

Sun, October 07, 2012

Here is the story from Jeremy

“I was hunting on our family farm near Congerville, Illinois.  My dad (Jim) and I both went out that afternoon as we knew a cold front was pushing in that night.  I had one button buck and three does in the first hour pass right in front of me at 15 yards and they went out into a cut cornfield out of site.  About 6:00 p.m. I heard some rustling to my left and just caught sight of brown before it went behind a tree.  I grabbed my bow in hopes it was something respectable. Then I about fell out of the stand!  There walked a huge mature bodied deer at 27 yards.  I looked at his rack and saw mass in his main beams and knew he was a shooter.  From there I spent the next few seconds trying to lower my heart rate and breath and not look at his antlers anymore, I knew I was shooting at this point and that would only get me more nervous.  He came in to about 23 yards and stopped and looked around and as he turned his attention to the deer in the cut cornfield I drew back, took a deep breath and steadied myself.  I released and knew I hit him, but it was back a little further than I had hoped.  He spun around and jumped the fence to the corn field and I listened and didn’t know if he went down or went into some brush across the way.  I called my brother in law (Jake) and grabbed my arrow, stained red as can be, and backed out. Dad, Jake and I waited and gave him about an hour before heading back to the stand.  We caught the blood trail into the cut field, but stubble as high as it was could not see anything on the ground.  Last light was fading on us and I was carrying my bow and they each had a light so I was following them.  Then Jake saw him about 60 yards from where I shot him.  Jake got there first and started counting all the way to 23 talk about 3 grown men acting like children!  We snapped some pictures and they decided to go get the truck and I wanted with my trophy.  What a great feeling and I got to share it with 2 of my best friends, my dad and brother in law.  I will never forget the three of us walking up on that deer in the cornfield and their faces.  I am sure mine was one for the ages too! After decades of hunting I had my first buck taking with my bow and he was one for the ages.  23 points, mainframe 12 with 11 measurable stickers with tons of mass.  His left brow tine has 5 points and his right antler has a second row started.”