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October 3, 2010

Big Bucks Corner

Brian Scott’s 16 Point Buck

Sun, October 03, 2010

Here is the story from the hunter himself-

My name is Brian Scott, and I shot this buck during the 2010 archery season in Illinois.

I was a freshman and Lake Land College in Mattoon, Illinois. I believe the opening day of deer season was on a Friday that year. I had baseball practice on Saturday, October 2nd. So, I was unable to go home for the entire opening weekend of archery season. However, as soon as practice was over, I jumped in my truck and headed home so I could at least hunt on Sunday, October 3rd. My house is a short distance away from Decatur, Illinois in Macon County, and it is only an hour or so away from Mattoon. So, it was no big deal to go home and hunt for only one day. The main reason I decided to go home for one day was because my dad sent me a picture of this big buck that he saw in the field by the house. We had never seen this deer before, and my dad guessed him to have around 16 points. So, I came home and hunted Sunday morning October 3rd and saw a bunch of deer, including a nice 8 point. I went back to the house to get something to eat and relax a little bit before the evening hunt. When my dad and I were heading back to the timber for the evening hunt, we made the joke about one of us shooting the 16 pointer, but little did we know, that tonight the 16 pointer would hit the ground. I sat in the same stand that I sat in for the morning hunt. It was fairly warm that evening, so the deer movement was not too active. I was watching a fawn nursing about 15 yards from my stand when I looked up and there was the 16 point buck. He was probably around 50-75 yards away, and he was coming out of the bedding area. He was walking through the timber and coming right at me. After what seemed like forever, he finally made his way to about 10 yards from me. However, since it was early season, there was too much foliage to get a shot off. He turned around and started heading down a different path. This path would eventually lead to a shooting lane, and he walked perfectly into my shooting lane. It was about a 15 yard shot and I smoked him! He slowly turned around and ran out of sight. I texted my dad, who was hunting about 100 yards away from me, and he came and met up with me at my stand. It was not long before we found him. While we were tracking him, we noticed that he did not leave the best blood trail. My dad took a few steps into this CRP field that is next to the timber that I was hunting in. He did not see anything, but I took a few more steps than he did into the tall grass and I saw antlers. I yelled, ” Here he is!” My dad came over and said, “Yup, that is definitely the one that was by the house.” This buck only ran about 25 yards from where I shot him. I just cannot believe that I came home from college for one day, and on my second time in a stand, I was lucky enough to shoot this awesome buck.