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October 26, 2012

Big Bucks Corner

Brenden Bachman’s 9-pointer

Fri, October 26, 2012

bachman 1


I shot this Illinois buck on Oct. 25, 2012 while hunting in Morgan County. Rain from an approaching cold front gave me the opportunity to get away from work and get in the stand. 

I knew the weather change would get them on their feet that afternoon. I got to the stand around 4:30 and saw the first deer as I was climbing the tree. After rain showers and a few trips down the tree to take shelter from the 30 mph winds and driving rain, I spotted this deer 300 yards way in a bean field with several other deer. 

I decided to get down and make a stalk as the elements where is my favor (wind and rain) to get close. I got down and went up a draw that would get me to the field’s edge to get a better look at the situation. 

As I approached the field I had a downfall that blocked my view of what was in front of me. I set my pack down and looked up and this deer cleared the brush and was feeding in the field. 

I grabbed my rangefinder and clicked it: 46 yards. I got ready for the shot and some does to my left got my scent and made the buck get nervous. 

As his attention was on the does and what startled them I drew, settled the pin and released. I nicked a small branch and knew that my shot was questionable. Not knowing the exact location of the hit I backed out to find him the next morning only 300 yards or so from where I had made the shot. 

Awesome hunt with great people and 152 inches and change just makes the experience that much better.

bachman 2

bachman 3