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November 17, 2012

Big Bucks Corner

Andy LeRoy’s 22 Pointer

Sat, November 17, 2012

It was the hunt of lifetime for Andy LeRoy of Chillicothe, Illinois. Andy has spent many hours in a tree stand just dreaming for the buck of a lifetime to step out in front of him. On the opening saturday of first shotgun season in Marshall County, Illinois, Andy got to enjoy beautiful day out in the woods. The previous day, he had seen a number of deer. A few hot does were close by, meaning anything could happen. Andy saw some bucks but nothing in his trophy class like he was waiting for. However, at 11:30 Andy caught a glimpse of something through the brush that looked big, but he had no clue of the monstrosity that was in the woods. Andy anxiously awaited a better look at the buck, but never got one that opening day. On Saturday. Andy arrived to his stand an hour and half before daylight, not realizing what was about to happen. At 7:30 that Saturday morning, his hunting career of over twenty years was about to change forever. This monster whitetail stepped out at 200 yards and was starting to turn to go away. Andy couldn’t pass on a buck of a lifetime and let a shot go. Andy missed the shot, but he had the key to success on his side that moring. It must have been fate because the giant non-typical turned and came his way. Andy’s second shot ended up being at 50 yards. After shooting the buck, Andy made some calls to his wife and friends. He even shed a few tears of joy in celebration, wouldn’t you? All Andy could see from his stand were the tips of the main beams. When he had composed himself to get down, Andy walked up to the bruiser. Running out of fingers AND toes, Andy counted 22 scorable points. He was overcome with emotion when he saw that he just bagged the buck of his dreams. When Andy finally took it to an official Boone and Crockett scorer to be green scored he was elated with the news. 215 1/8 gross, 202 2/8 net. Congratulations to Andy on the buck of a lifetime!