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Oct. 8, 2011

Big Bucks Corner

Aaron Clasen’s 14-pointer

Sat, October 08, 2011

clasen 14

I was fortunate enough to take this buck in Pike County, Illinois this past Saturday evening (10/8/2011) with my Matthews bow using Rage broadheads.

After getting to Sammy’s stand for the afternoon hunt and sitting in the 80 degree heat for about an hour, the breeze picked up a little and there was light 5 mile per hour wind blowing out of the south, southeast. Just before dusk some does worked their way out of the timber and into the cut corn field. My stand was located in a big oak tree on the edge of the field near a small farm pond.

My hunting buddy Steve picked this stand location after years of watching the deer movement on his Pike County farm. We knew there were some big deer in the area based on our trail cam pictures, and because the stand was located between a bedding area we call the “1995 holler” and the farm pond we felt it might be a hot spot.  The hot, dry, weather would mean that the deer would be looking for water. The 16-foot buddy stand that I was hunting in was purchased by our good friend Sammy, and Sammy hunted out of it several times before moving to North Carolina, so we call it “Sammy’s Stand”.

This stand also happens to be perfect for a south or southeast wind. As the does worked their way down the cut corn field feeding past my stand, I heard some noise off to my left and just out of view that sounded like two bucks sparring.  You cannot mistake that sound, but I couldn’t believe it was actually happening. Then as I looked to my left I saw a number of deer piling out of the timber.  It was 5 bucks in a “bachelor group” and the second buck in the group looked like a big one.  I raised my binoculars to get a good view of his rack and saw right away that he was a shooter. I actually thought he was a 10 pointer and that was good enough for me.

I gently reached for my bow and eased into position for a shot. As the buck got closer I could feel the slight breeze hitting me square in the face.  The stand placement and preparation had paid off, and this was the moment I had been dreaming about. When the buck got to 20 yards he was broadside and I was ready. I was able to steady my nerves and my bow, and the arrow found it’s mark. 

We were able to recover the animal only 50 yards away in the cut corn field. Much to my surprise when we saw the deer up close we found that he had split brow tines and split G3’s making him a 14-pointer. 

The biggest deer of my life!

I have to say Thank you to my good friend Steve for letting me hunt on his farm, and Thank you to Sammy for buying that stand! I will always have a special place in my heart for the stand we call “Sammy’s Stand”.

He has 14 points and an unofficial gross score of 165 inches.

clasen buck 2