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Andrew R

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May & June 2013 Videos

Thu, June 20, 2013

Here is a collection of short videos I’ve made to document some of my fishing success during the early months of 2013.

I only run these videos when fishing solo, as it’s easier for set-up, better camera angles, and I can show it as it is and tell a story.

Before the year began I was all set on spending a good amount for a decent smaller size prosumer HD camera to make homemade fishing videos and short films but with my boat upgrades and new electronics having preference over anything else the new video camera was temporarily put on hold. It’s still in the eventual plans, but not a high priority at this moment…. maybe this fall, or winter….

Hilarious… I’ve got the expensive editing software loaded up on both my work station and laptop but I don’t have the decent camera.

Anyways, I’m running with two cameras. First, my simple to use GoPro HD Hero. I’ve been using it this year for the first time ever without the waterproof case for better audio, and I’ve experimented with homemade windscreens. It serves its purpose for now, but it’s something I definitely don’t want to rely on for the long-term. I have it mounted on various tripods in my boat. Second, I wear polarized sunglasses with a built-in video camera. Really cool! This is a new toy I’ve received in 2013, courtesy of my friends at Midwest Digital Corporation, located here in Chicago. The new one is POV sunglasses made by PivotHead, available in Chicago exclusively through Midwest Digital Corp. We’re working together to introduce these to the outdoor market and other fishermen especially.


I’ll have an in-depth review of these glasses made sometime this summer. They’re available for $299 thru Midwest Digital Corporation

With a 32gb memory card and multiple batteries I am able to run the GoPro for 7-8 hours, which is good enough in capturing at least a half day’s worth of footage. Meanwhile with the POV sunglasses I get up to 2 hours of battery life and 8gb of internal memory. With this one I only wear and record conservatively when I know I am on a hot bite. Thus far I’ve been able to use it very well for bass fishing, but not so much for muskies as you never know when a fish will follow or strike.

Here are the bass videos I’ve made thus far using both cameras. I have more in the works but they haven’t been edited yet. Some are long, up to 15 minutes in length. But hopefully you guys can see what goes on within my world, learn a few things, and enjoy when time allows. Be sure to watch in HD for best picture quality.