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Andrew R

Andrew's Adventures

Go-Pro Camera Trial Run

Thu, May 05, 2011

This is one of several Go-Pro reviews I will be conducting in 2011, and I hope to have a complete story by the end of this summer. The following will serve as a very preliminary test.

On Wednesday evening I decided to go on a quick field trip to the local creek. It was nice outside so I was compelled to wet a line, and along with that I strapped on the HD Hero and got to use it for the first time.

The unit I will be working with in 2011 is the HD Helmet Hero.

Although these components are all suited for a head presentation, I was equipped with the Chest Mount Harness. I had my helmet (hat strap) tucked away inside my waders in case there was any opportunity for it but I had the belief that the chest mount harness would be more comfortable and convenient due to the wading aspect of the outing.

NOTE - This person is not me/ only a reference.

The chest mount harness is made of comfortable and snug-fit elastic straps and hard plastic buckle material. It is extremely comfortable and literally weightless, offering a light and hands-free camera-angle presentation. It felt as if there was no camera on me. The harness stays fit to the clothing and tight to your body thanks to the rubber grips on the inside portions of the straps.

I went with the intentions of quickly filming and getting enough material to make my first Go-Pro video clip. The fishing was all secondary as I really caught nothing. Water levels were still high, but clarity was great, yet temperatures felt as if they were barely above 50 degrees.

It’s been a late spring.

Below is the video and some of the camera’s capabilities. I figure that I won’t be experiencing the real deal and this camera’s full potential until very late next week when I head north for my first trip of 2011.

Before watching, don’t think that this little camera is good enough to shoot professional quality video. In certain aspects such as action sequences, underwater, and odd-angles it suits very well, but if you’re expecting to come away with an hour-long video, think otherwise.

This toy is nifty to capture moments and archive your fishing outings, and to add a new dimension to making fishing video.  It’s a great complimentary feature to the standard HD camera equipment if you have that.

End Notes::

Video Specifications

- Shot in highest quality
- 8GB SD card is able to store up to 4 hours of video in the highest quality.
- Shot in 29FPS
- Resolution (at completion of editing) is in full 1080
- Edited and produced with VideoPad Video Editor Professional