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Heartland Outdoors Forum | WINDY Way too windy. Bad timing for shotgun.
WINDY Way too windy. Bad timing for shotgun.
Posted: 19 November 2016 08:52 AM   [ Ignore ]
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Good morning. I know I should be in the stand, but having bow hunted a ton this year with many hours sitting, and enduring and fruitless dark to dark sit with NOTHING seen yesterday-I opted out of this morning. Will be getting out there after lunch. I think I made a good choice today to not get up at.

The wind is killer. I only heard 5 gunshots all day yesterday. It is blowing 40mph plus here in NW IL.

Anybody having any luck or seeing much? I have been texting buddies all over state and they are mostly saying the wind is bad, and havents seen much if anything yesterday or so far today.

With that said, tomorrow should be THE DAY! 24 degrees, very little wind, tail end of rut, and deer will have been bedded down for 2 days. THEY WILL BE ON THEIR FEET.

Good luck!

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Friday was windy all day…definitely not like today, but bucks were chasing does all day in the fields.  Saw a very big 6 this morning and a buddy saw 3 does staying tucked to the treelines. Grundy County