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Spring Trout
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How did you do Berlin? Catching trout was fun, didn’t do so well the first day, between my husband and I we caught 3. Took a long time to catch them as well. Definitely a learning experience. We tried all kinds of bait, the trout were definitely in little pockets, and if you weren’t in that pocket you didn’t catch much. Then tonight I went with artificial and caught 3 in about an hour and a half. More fun, now between the two of us we have enough for a dinner. Yum!!!

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Limited out Sat. & Sun. Saturday they were biting fairly quick was done in 1 1/2 hrs. All but one was caught on orange power bait and the 1st I caught was a 15” goldie, had 3 between 13-15” and the other 2 were smaller under 10”. Sunday it took about 3 hrs, they wasn’t hitting on what I usually catch them on and they ended up being way in closer to the bank, was only throwing out about 15-20’ to catch them. They wasn’t biting the green, orange or red, I tried some green that has some sparkle in it, and had my 1st bite and was then done in about an hour, and ended up with the same catch I had Saturday. Watched one guy fall in the pond Saturday going after his kids pole, that was pretty funny to see. They had some really nice trout stocked, then some that were 7-9” range then I saw some caught that was really small. Fried the smaller ones last night and they were not to bad, saving the bigger ones to brine and smoke or cook on the grill with some steaks this summer for some surf & turf. Also have a recipe for a smoked trout cracker spread that is pretty darn good also.

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