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Tornado Damage Video
Posted: 21 November 2013 08:38 PM   [ Ignore ]
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tornado damage from washington, east peoria, and pekin illinois areas, filmed, converted, edited, and assembled using the best footage from 12 different videos that i recorded wednesday afternoon out the side window of our car while we drove thru the affected areas in the rain, debris filled streets, stop & go bumper to bumper traffic, with millions of utility trucks, dump trucks, heavy equipment, and far too many rubberneckers.

the music i added has been slowed down about 12% from the raw mp3 file, there were some dB level drops that i fixed, and some gaps that i removed. i added echo, and it has been shortened to length.

Posted: 22 November 2013 12:29 PM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 1 ]
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I drove those same roads through Washington a couple days ago.  Tragic doesn’t begin to explain the scene.

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I almost feel guilty having thanksgiving after seeing this.

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Seen Washington on Sportscenter this morning talking about the football team.  That oughta put a smile on those boys faces if only for a minute. 

Thanks for the video T