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Wild razzles and treestand fun!
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Hello all! The wild black raspberries are in full swing in my neck of the woods, I had a great start to the warm season so far, I had finished my ” to do list” for the household early today so I decided to utilize my free time by doing what I do best! TIMBERCRAFTIN’!...LOL…..I was able to go play around with one of my stands and some trail cameras for a couple hours today, which by the way was friggin’ exhilarating! I am totally consumed with the “whitetail state of mind” and the summer preparation of stands and etc. for the hunting season to come, and all other summer aspects of timbercraft! including the serene and fulfilling activity of foraging wild raspberries with my lady, which we harvested immediately when I returned from my lil’ foray ,and as I write she is making jam from todays short haul! well ya’ll just wanted to share some of these summer moments with my fellow heartlanders, here are a few photos from the glorys of the day! A couple are the view from my treestand where I’ll hopefully get a good look at a buck I like to call Bign’ come October!, and a few are of the delectable wild raspberries the lady and I are gonna devour with ferocious salivating animosity! LOL! Till next time fellers and fellerettes! All Is well when well is ALL.

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Razzy jam on a warm piece of toast….NOW YOUR TALKIN:)The treestand spot looks awesome buddy, I cant wait to hunt it this year…..LOL

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