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New to food plots ...need help
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This year i was finally going to get around to planting my 1st food plots and was looking for some ideas or help. I have 40 acres by the kaskaskia river and tons of places and a small tractor with a tiller. Just didnt know what would work the best.

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First thing I would do would pick my spots and make them at least an acre.  I usually kill off all the weeds and vegitation prior to tilling, so at this point you would probably be a couple a weeks away from actual planting.  I really like white clover, but I only plant that in the spring or fall, I tried planting it late June once and got nothing out of it.  The only thing I planted this late is beans.
You can broadcast them in and go over it with your tiller just scratching the surface to work the beans down a little.  Use round up ready beans so that you can spray the weeds in about a month.  Get your spots lined up for some fall planting, just remember to give yourself a couple of weeks lead time for some weed kill off, note that even if you kill weeds off now they will probably be back this fall.

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