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Hunting Treerats!!!!!
Posted: 19 January 2012 02:03 PM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 16 ]
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yeah Kyle goes nuts when we mention the word “squirrel”  he immediately wants out into the back yard.

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Only game in town outside ‘yotes right now, and first open season in the fall.  I’ll go out for them several times a year, but mostly it’s an excuse to be out in the woods doing something else too, like scouting or mushroom hunting.  Last batch of them I made didn’t come out so good, but it was probably my fault in how I cooked them rather than the squirrels fault in how they tasted.  I usually try to get out to a new piece of public land in February before the season closes.


May fortune smile on the foolish.

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Perhaps your over looking the best resource for sheds?

A dog.

They train dogs to sniff out meth, marijuana, personal human scent, explosives, truffles, dead bodies and the list is extensive.

A good truffle dog in England is worth its weight in gold.

When I walk my Lab he seems to find ever scrap of dead animal that something else has made a meal of.

They even have Urine Sniffing dogs. A dog can smell human urine and tell if the person has cancer - 98% accuracy.As a demo they put 6 - 8 dishes out with human Urine. Half have cancer. The dog picks out the correct one every time.

Dogs have been trained to smell human blood even after the clothing item has been washed. A year ago, I saw a demo in a court room but can’t find it online at the moment.

Trained dogs sniff out Cancer

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