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Deer Decoying
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I know we still have a couple more miserable non-deer hunting months to suffer through but my mind was wondering and I thought I would ask if anyone has any good deer decoying stories or tips. I have used a decoy at certain times of the year and have had success with it the last few years. (Bow hunting) I always face the deer towards my stand and obviously make it scent free (but add a little deer urine.) If you have any good stories about a successful hunt using a decoy please share. I shot a doe last year that was actually touching her nose to the side of the buck decoy- at impact she jumped straight up and landed on the decoy knocking the legs out from under it! It was wild!! Pieces flying everywhere and sounds you normally don’t hear in the field. I spent more time putting the thing back together than I did tracking and cleaning the doe!

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I had a wild hair last year and used 2 buck decoys and a single doe, Had 4 bucks come into the set and only 3 walked away,,,,,,,IT WAS AWESOME:)