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tourney results . whats for lunch bass busters .
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we are pleased to report all had a great time at the whats for lunch open on Kentucky lake . 6 boats n 12 anglers headed south on I 55 towards ky lake , in caravan fashion , the lead driver ,,bill [big bass] Mahoney cut off an exit so we all followed , well the hwy turned to blk top , then gravel . then dirt , as we wound our way thru the nite dust n mud flying in the pitch black , suddenly out o the dark a beacon . a lite of hope , shining as brite as a full moon . a dairy queen in the middle of nowhere , well o big bass was hungry and needed a treat . we all gorged on nanna splits , then bk on the road , well about 12 mi from our destination ole big bass cuts down this blk top . we all follow , we end up in a ghost looking town n stop in front of this old dilapidated building , ole big bass says come on in boys ,,, best Buffett in the state .  we ate to our hearts content , finally reaching our motel big bass says be right bk boys , hes gone 45 min n shows up with 30 lb of smoked ribs , [grocery store in town smokes its own ribs ] dang were they good ! well we turned a 5 hr drive into 8 but were here , next morn we launched outa cedar ridge ramp in the fog , with bass on our minds and the hopes of winning the tournament , [1st place 1 yr supply suzie Qs ] the fog is so thick cant see 3 ft in front of you , so we decide lets get some breakfast , walking into the cedar ridge café what do we see , all the members of the whats for lunch bass busters and an empty breakfast buffet . they ate everything !!!!!! long story short , we all sat there waiting for the lunch buffet to open !  fish ? did we catch any ?  not the point .... were the whats for lunch bass busters !!!!!!!