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Mock Scrape Myths
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I have many video clips to demonstrate how Mock Scrapes are nothing to be afraid of.  Most are the same old thing, nose drops to the ground then up to either the licking branch of the fake rubs you can make.  A lot of myths surround them but they are easy to make and interesting to watch with a trail cam.  During May to June deer are less interested in scrapes until the bucks start to grow antlers due to increased testosterone levels.  It helps to pee in your own scrapes to keep the deer interested.  Don’t go out hunting the first night and pee in front of your stand.  Deer might frown on that(although I did shoot a buck one time during the rut doing that.  You can’t just put a scrape anywhere.  Find deer trails that are used a lot in transition areas with young sugar maple or tulip trees or on trail crossings.  You can also hijack old scrapes from last year.  Kick away leaves in about a two foot diameter area, pee in it and throw up a trail cam.  If deer show and interest visit it again in a few weeks to freshen it.  Make fake rubs facing the scrape on small trees.  Break a small tree off about two feet high and scrape off the top 3 inches.  Apply a small amount of deer scent or your own urine to the rubs and licking stick.  Try to put your mock scrape near a small tree(can be one of the rubbed trees) Bend down a branch and do the same to it for a licking branch.  Contrary to what videos and magazines tell you, deer don’t care.  Once deer start to use the scrape you only need to refresh the scrape with scent occasionally.  Deer will apply their own scent to the other objects.  Install a scrape dripper above the licking branch and use deer scent for a couple of weeks on either side of the peak of the rut.  I leave my there but don’t fill it until it is needed.  Your own urine is much cheaper and works just as well because urine breaks down to ammonia quickly.  While initially making a mock scrape make several and carry a jug of your own urine until you find a place deer use.  Once they adopt it they will take it over, make more scrapes on the same trail and deposit scent.  Deer will use it year round although they pay less attention in late spring and early summer they still will pass, drop there nose as they walk past but are less likely to leave scent unless you do.  They will even smell the scrape thru the snow. Just watch the video of a few video clips and you will see a scrape is nothing more than mother nature’s bill board and outhouse.