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Definitely wouldn’t want to take my kid hunting off the ground if that guy is back there with a rifle.  I’d be looking in to it just as much as you are.  Property boundaries are pretty obvious most of the time.  He most likely knew he was on your side of the boundary.  A nature walker is one thing but a guy toting 2 guns is kinda scary when you take your kids back there

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Lots of good points and some that I don’t agree with too….I think a big part of different perspectives and opinions on subjects such as this depends on if you are a landowner or not… coupled with what your experiences are, and. how many different lines you have heard… makes a big difference. Ultimately it is up to the individual landowner to decide what to do based on his experiences and knowledge and this young man sounds like he has a plan. One size definitely does not fit all.

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Kind of looks like one of the guys we ran off near Appleton a year or two ago.  Told us that since they were Coyote hunting they didn’t need permision.  Its fair game when you are Coyote hunting you can go anywhere you want.  They were mistaken and shown the errors of their ways.  Seems they just moved a little north.  Take the tires off their truck or just let the air out of all of them.  they seem to get the picture.  Good luck.

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