Monday night bass tournaments
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Took wife and son out today and NO dropped bone!!!Did manage too see 3 bucks all with both sides and 42does:)I still think we are 2weeks out from a decent drop…Good Luck Everyone!!!!!

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I was out a few days ago and nothing.  Pulled two cards and all bucks on video still have both sides.  It’s still early in my opinion.  As crazy as this sounds, I didn’t find any horns last year till mid April.  I found two racks in a short-cut lafalfa field that I had walked twice he previous day….no way I missed them the first time.  They were just shed that night.  A few days late I found two more.

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Found a nice 6pt typical shed yesterday in Tazewell County.  It was a fresh drop but had already been nibbled on by rodents on one tine.  Saw 18 deer in Fulton County on Friday and none had antlers - and found a the remains of a buck which had shed its antlers before it died.

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