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Just a deer hunter
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Any opinions on size of decoy spreads? I finished with deer for season and decided to chase geese in Illinois and Indiana. I’ve got a dozen of good flocked feeders and a dozen cheap Bass pro specials at my disposal. Everything I read says that I need a big spread. I have the birds in my ag fields every day in both places. Can I succeed with what I have? I am adequate at calling if that makes any difference..

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Chris, You get in the right spot you will kill geese. Doesnt matter if you have 2dozen decoys or 50 dozen. Ive killed ALOT of geese with 4 dozen decoys:)Good luck buddy.

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Big is not always better, if you can watch em, know where they like to land, the decoys you have will be fine, as long as you are concealed. More hunts are ruined by not taking advantage of terrain and poor camouflage, (and flaring equipment, calls)- less is best if your not well practiced or have difficulty reading birds. If they want in they will drop in as long as you don’t mess with em to much. Have fun and drop some.

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