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Heartland Outdoors Forum | Looking for hunting buddies within 100 miles of Rolling Meadows, IL.
Looking for hunting buddies within 100 miles of Rolling Meadows, IL.
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I just moved to Rolling Meadows, IL and I’m trying to make new friends that are interested in hunting. I should start rifle training in a few weeks so I’d love to start hunting in late fall/winter. As far as game, I’d be interested in black bears, whitetails, and coyotes but I’m open to other species.

A little about me:
I’m in my late 20’s. Started to like hunting in my teens from all the outdoors shows, but never came around to learning yet.

I’m a huge football fan (especially college football) so I’m pretty excited for the new season. Also like watching basketball and baseball.

Hope to meet some folks that are interested, thanks for your time!

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I live in Macon county which is a good ways from you, but welcome to HO and Illinois.

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Welcome to H.O.!!!!Im too far from ya but keep trying and someone will hook you up.Theres no bear season in illinois thou.

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I think blue tongue got most of the bears up your way


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