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Food that equals Cover- Hinge Cutting
Posted: 12 March 2013 05:14 PM   [ Ignore ]
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With all the talk today about IDNR and how we need to change our direction of whitetail herd quality. I wanted to share a video from The Management Advantage. This is an educational web show that talks about property and wildlife habitat enhancements. This week’s episode is about Hinge Cutting and its benefits to whitetails. I think these are great educational episodes that we can use to improve our hunting experience and whitetail herd. Basically you can achieve cover, food for browse, find a few extra antlers, and hopefully hold deer with this practice at a very low cost. I post this not just because I am a part of it, but because I hope that it will help someone achieve their goals and enhance their hunting experiences.

Here is the link, or you can find it on their website.