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I usually buy slugs (actually sabots) in bulk quantities in order to limit deviations in performance.  The last time I bought sabots was probably in the 90’s when I bought a case of Winchester BRI sabots.  Anyway, since I was down to the last few boxes I tried some different ammo to see if my Browning A-bolt shotgun liked something better; which it did.  I’m going to make the change to Winchester Partition Golds 12ga 3”.  Anyone know of a cheap place to buy these?  I know cheap and sabots don’t belong in the same sentence.

I’ve checked midwayusa, cheaperthandirt, natchez, sportsmans guide and Natchez is cheapest at $13.29 a box.  On a whim I checked Bass Pro and Cabelas.  All I got to say about their prices is that it better come with lube so it doesn’t hurt as bad.

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That’s actually not a bad price.

I just got a Savage 212 last winter and retired my H&R Ultra slug hunter.

It liked the Winchester BRI 3”.

I keep getting told the Savage likes the Remington Accutip.

They are almost $20.00 a box at Dunhams.

Hard to believe $4 bucks every time you squeeze the trigger.

I hope it loves them .

I would try Farm King or maybe Big R.

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Bought 2 boxes Remington Accutip at Rural King in Mattoon with tax 30 dollars so 14 and change a box.