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Free Upland Permit
Posted: 17 December 2012 12:34 AM   [ Ignore ]
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Had a free upland permit for Nachusa Prairie today.  Took out 2 who had never hunted before, and they had a great time.  Took one pheasant between us (no dogs), but saw others (including rabbits). 
One thing I noticed when cleaing the bird, the skin was a very deep yellow color.  Never noticed that on the put & take birds I usually hunt.  Figure it must be an older bird, eating a natural diet, instead of a pen-raised bird eating nothing but corn.  I am expecting it to taste great due to the higher fat content.


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Congrats on a successful hunt!  I went on a free hunt yesterday with a few friends also, we ended up with 1 pheasant, 1 quail, and 2 rabbits.  As a bonus i found 2 nice sheds (1 was 6pts the other 5pts), weathered but not chewed!  Good time with good friends!!

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