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Heartland Outdoors Forum | 13 GREY’S in knox county! wed. update. - - fri. update. Week of May 1st update.
13 GREY’S in knox county!  wed. update. - - fri. update.  Week of May 1st update.
Posted: 25 April 2011 11:45 AM   [ Ignore ]
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I put on my rain coat today Mon. April 25 th. and went back out. I found 13 Grey’s some were 3 inches tall (getting bigger) I think I’ll try again on wednesday.

20 more grey’s today Wed. April 27th. Most were 3-4 inches tall. We need sun & heat to get things really going.

18 more grey’s today Fri. April 29th. Can’t wait till I find the mother load, should be a good weekend!

Went out this week May 1st. Finding some good size mushrooms greys, yellow, blond But where is the rain? 2 weeks and no rain in any amount. Found 42 hunted hard.