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On Saturday I bought an o/u at the Belleville Gun Show.  Recieved a reciept in my name, amount, serial number and
dated.  Filled out the form for the state to be called in.  Sunday when I went to pick it up the man said he changed his
mind and didnt want to sell it.  Is this the kind of vendors they have at these shows?  Or do I have any options?  Been
going to these things for 10 years now, paying 5 dollars to get in and this happens.

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Not sure about the legalities of it, but you have a good audience here to let his name be known so other guys don’t make the same mistake of doing business with this individual. Not saying a guy can’t change his mind, but this is a “hand shake” moral issue. I think if you agreed to purchase the gun from him he should have carried through with the sale. If he changed his mind and wanted it back then he should have offered to buy it back from you. Sounds silly but it happened to my father not too long ago. He traded an old 1187 in on a new Benelli SBE, I found out about it and gave him so much grief about parting with his tried and true 1187 he went to the dealer and bought it back from him. I know it’s not the same, but relevant I think. Good luck, I call BS on this one.