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Early out
Posted: 19 December 2014 06:51 PM   [ Ignore ]
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Some of you may have heard by now, but the govt. has given the option to do an early out on your crp contracts if so desired. As long as your contract has been in compliance for 5 years of the current contract you now have the option to either take out the whole field or just take out portions with no penalties. You can leave it in until your desired time and still be payed for that. For example, you can opt to have april 1st as your contract end date. With that, you would still be paid for the months from oct-march31. With this program all ground taken out is also eligible for re-enrollment at any time.  The part that you do leave in will still be paid on as part of your contract. I took out the nice pieces of some of mine and left the hilly parts in and a 20 foot strip around the edge. Still get paid on the erodible part and get to farm the nice part. Not a bad deal. More details will be available at your usda office. Also the deadline is Jan 31st. Might be an option for some landowners wanting to have a large or larger food plot in middle of crp.