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Quinn on the way out!!!
Posted: 05 November 2014 01:31 AM   [ Ignore ]
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The voters have spoken!  It’s a great day in illinois!  With the snakes head now chopped off where will the rest of the spawn fall?  Will there be big changes in the IDNR?  We can only hope. 

Thanks to everyone who took time out of their day to vote!

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Quinn’s and Miller’s feeble attempts to try to show that they were now trying to do proactive projects and changes in the last few months was more than a day and more than a dollar short for this voter and many others I had talked to.  I hope the next time I open up the IDNR-INSIDER email blast, I don’t have to look at a big fake smiling Miller!

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Most of the country voted RED.  That should send a message to some of those idiots!!!

Now lets hope they can keep their heads out of their holes and not make us ashamed to vote republican.  The power struggle between parties hurts more than it helps.  But I have to admit….I’m more than a little relieved to see GOP control of the senate.

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I think for most this was a no brainer…....

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My Mother used to say, “Be careful what you ask for, you may get it.”  It will be interesting to see what attitudes are in two/four years.
In my lifetime, there have been two Chicago based Governors (Walker & Blagojevich), who were unknown commodities (as is Rauner), promising to shake up the system.  Both went to jail.  The Dept. of Conservation suffered greatly under both administrations.  IMHO, yet to recover from the damage done by either administration.
By the time Walker had been in two years, people were taking grinders to get their ‘Walker for Governor’ bumper stickers off their vehicles.
BW, I’m with you.  It’s a good thing that R’s have control of the US Senate.  Now, if they can keep from shooting themselves in the foot…..