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Why sell mineral blocks, deer attractants, if they are illegal? 
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Many many years ago, I hunted over bait in Wisconsin and Kentucky.  I was hunting with outfitters and it was 100% legal.  Not once did I even see a deer come to the bait, so I’m not convinced it’s the big advantage many think it is.  When looking at the ethics of it, I really don’t care either way.  I always sort of thought placing a film canister filled with cotton balls and doe estrous scent was playing dirty pool and I’ve killed more than one buck using scents.  Heck , me knowing what day deer season opens is an unfair advantage.  To each their own I guess.

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John You said it best. Too each their own. I also agree baits are less of a threat to a big buck’s life expecancy than scent attractants but there are no guarantees in the deer woods.

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ive wondered that too , if its not legal then how can the stores sell it ? and whos buying it ? the guys that are buying and hunting over bait piles , mineral licks etc are breaking the law ! on my almost 1,000 ac farm , I had several mineral licks that I maintained . but never allowed hunting near them , but when the law changed I had to remove , and let die out the mineral stations , the reason I had them out was I thought I was providing extra minerals for the deer and would improve the herd , but the state sees it differantally ! but until they change it back , I have to obey the law !

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