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Good luck to everyone taking out kids this weekend!!!Lil freak will be out trying to connect on a long-beard:)I can honestly say i find more enjoyment taking him out, than myself out there hunting…Is this a sign im getting old????lol

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Good luck to Lil WTF!!!! No your not getting older WTF, your just being a father and a mentor, There needs to be a lot more of it in this old world. My season is the 4/20-25/13 Have no idea what your season is but PM me on the the fishing, Pittsfield sounds good!!!!

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Good Luck!  Best times I ever had turkey hunting were when taking my son during the youth season.  Seeing him take birds was way more fun!!

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good luck this weekend my youngest got his first one last weekend shot a big jake saterday morning in the fog my oldest son was with us also our picture is on the photo of the day today I don’t know who was more happier me or him we had a blast the oldest was suppose to film us but he came in silent out of the fog stevie hit me in the side and said hey there is a turkey he sarted to puff up he said can I take him I said sure he shot and it was over I turned around and alex hadn’t even seen him

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