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Any idea what snake this is?
Posted: 19 September 2012 04:09 PM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 31 ]
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Walston,There’s no good excuse..I really do need to get down there one of these years and explore that part of the state.The picture’s that I’ve seen of the rock formations found around there look awesome.


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WhitetailFreak - 19 September 2012 01:04 PM

If it were on my place, Id call it a DEAD SNAKE!!!!!I HATE SNAKES!!!!

Several years ago I was down at Whoopie Cat lake in the Shawnee hunting turkeys…It was afternoon and we were out for a hike and came up on a guy fishing…He had a pistol on his side and the guy I was with asked him why he was carrying a pistol while fishing..He called it his “Snake Identification Kit”...Said if he saw a snake he shot it with the pistol and Identified it as a “Dead Snake”...He was as serious as the day is long too!!!


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Neat post. I too love snakes and photograph them any chance I get. Here’s a freshly shed northern watersnake that was sunning in a tree last September along the Fox River. This one was above my head so I had to hold the camera high and try for a good shot. As you can see, the snake was flattening its head and puffing up in a defensive position. Luckily, it never spooked and dropped in the water and I was able to get a good photo.

Also saw Keokuk and Hamilton mentioned here. I grew up going to Keokuk—that’s where my grandmother lived. I still have relatives in Hamilton although my dad’s side of the family originated in Wayland, Missouri and then moved to “the big city” of Keokuk! wink I miss the days of fun family reunions out that way!

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