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Camera of choice and tips for better wildlife pictures…
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Looks like several of you know alot about cameras and photography…What camera and equipment do you use and why?

What are some tips you can give us novice or less experienced guys and gals to take better pictures?..

I would really like to purchase a nice camera to take better pictures of my adventures…I just use a plain old digital sony handicam and my cell phone now…I have no problem spending the money for a nice camera, just don’t know what to buy…


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even though they are pricey you cant go wrong with any of the new digital SLRs. SLR = single lens reflex. its pretty much the kind of camera that professional photographers use. i believe that most of the name brands are pretty close to one another on quality. find one that its easy to find interchangeable lenses, and easy to switch lenses.

i personally like pentax’s k-series. all k mount lenses will fit on all k mount cameras, and provide auto focus capabilities.

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as for tips:

*dont shoot towards the sun. the pics will come out dark, and its impossible to do anything with them.

*auto-focus sucks when you are trying to shoot a bird or animal in a tree or heavy cover. learn how to manually focus if the need arises.

*get at least a 300mm telephoto lens for wildlife. its too hard to get close enough using standard sized lenses.

*a good photo editing program is a MUST. the most important things to get in a program are the ability to crop pics, and good brightness/contrast settings. i use an old microsoft program called ‘picture-it’.

*only buy quality SD cards. some digital slr’s have trouble reading cheap sd cards. for mine, i prefer 8 gig SD cards.

*keep your lenses clean, and scratch free.

*macro means extreme close up.

my pentax will shoot as fast as i can push the button. i find its best to take as many shots as possible of any given subject. no matter what you do there will always be some that come out a little blurry. this way you will be assured of a few good ones.