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Recap:  What is the status of your herd!
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Well this is the last week of season and the winter weather has set in single digit lows and 20 below windchills this week so it is safe to assume most hunting is over.  So lets recap the year with all the talk about deer numbers lets get it out on the table and see statewide whats out there.  I hunt Adams county I shot a nice nine with a forked brow the night of Nov. pictured at left in profile.  I did not shoot any does this year because I did see an increase in deer on the property I hunt but it went from terrible to tolerable in one year the reason for that is food it was all pasture for 30 years and last year was the first year of row cropping.  I did see a few bigger bucks than the one I shot but not close enough and did see a decent amount of young bucks as well.  I have been out hunting/observing only twice since the new year and it doesn’t look good only a few deer both times in a 60 acre corn field which usually has around 20 scattered about.  Same with the neighbors.  So lets hear what everyone else is seeing.

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i am satisfied with the deer numbers in the counties i hunt, Hancock/Bond, i have seen no noticeable drop the last couple years and if anything an increase.i have other hunters around and are blessed with good neighbors.  hunted alot of late season in both counties and saw some big groups of does (15 plus) with lots of small and medium bucks so the next couple years are looking promising.  had my chances on the big boys this year but just couldnt close the deal with the shooters. have had the trail cams out still running and it seems like all the bucks are nocturnal or moving right before it gets dark.  i hunted hard this last weekend and the movement was all from 4pm on. had a couple small bucks and a group of 11 does come by and shot one that had a badly wounded leg with a compound fracture, she wasnt looking like she was going to make it through the winter. really looking forward to the 2011-12 season!

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My season was better than last year, but still on par for the previous 3-4 years before that. I didn’t have any shots at bucks this year, but I did take a doe on public land in Shelby County. Anyone familiar with Wolf Creek SP knows there are a lot of does there (not a lot of big bucks though). My father and cousin each had shots at decent 150+ bucks during the archery and shotgun seasons. Both missed due to scope/sight issues. :( My father did connect on 2 130-ish 8 pointers throughout the archery season. So we got 3 deer total in our 3-man hunting group, which is just about as much as we need for ourselves and to share with family and friends. Many more deer were seen this year than last year, but we ran into way more hunters this year too. I think the total 2010-2011 harvest numbers will reflect that. . .

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One of the best seasons I have every had as far as number of deer I have seen from the stand.


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