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Buckbull…I almost bought mine with the 8-3/8”.  Almost.  But I thought it would make me walk with a limp.  That thing is half rifle.  Love those 629’s though.  Beautiful piece of machined metal.  I like it much better than the Ruger.

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Yes, I personally like the Smith compared the blackhawk.  The Smith is definitely more refined than the ruger, you can tell they spent more time in the finishing step.  I think ruger rifles are also “unfinished”.  I just got back from Scheels in Springfield and handled many of the rifles on display and there was a clear distinction between the ruger hawkeye and the other comparably priced rifles.  Maybe I’m a rifle snob, I tend to gravitate toward Weatherby and Sako rifles - too bad my wallet doesn’t.  I have a chest holster specifically for this gun and it carries quite well.  I like the longer barrel to stretch out as much velocity as possible.  I’ve killed several deer with the gun.  Mostly within 30 yards but I did shoot a doe about 15 years ago at 80 yards.  I had a really good rest and probably a lot of luck.  For certain, it had enough energy at the range because the bullet made both an entry and exit hole.

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I like the 41 Magnum.  It’s a bit more in power than the 357 and not quite as heavy as the 44 mag.  It is a dream to shoot and it will do well on both deer and burglers.  The recoil isn’t nearly as much as the 44.  Most people who don’t shoot much have problems with the 44’s recoil.  It’s a great gun but it requires practice and experience.

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