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Wearing of blaze orange by cpo’s
Posted: 29 November 2011 05:54 PM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 16 ]
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Tell me you’re not serious?  Oh well, whatever.  I just don’t want my hunts ruined for no reason at all.  Retired.  That’s funny.  I believe it was “retire or else.”.  I do wish the best for him though.  He really did try to do what was right.  I just think he overreached a lot and that’s what got him in trouble b

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I am sure a thread on JB would be very popular for awhile. As far as CPO’s wearing orange they know the risks they are taking and apparently they feel it is worth it. While i would not particularly want my hunt disrupted there is enough shady stuff going on that it would not bother me a whole lot. I have had a few checks by CPO’s over the years and it has always gone well. Even had JB let me go for not having my HIP number on opening day of duck many years ago. Tough guy but fair for the most part. I for one would welcome more CPO’s orange or not.

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