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Buck/Doe Ratio
Posted: 22 November 2011 05:22 PM   [ Ignore ]
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The other day in the mail I recieved a sample issue of a IL. hunting magazine, I didn’t have time to read the whole article but it was talking about the Buck to Doe ratio in IL. I have always read where the perfect ratio is 1 buck to 1 doe. I am not a biologist so I can not say this is correct. But I will say that the past several years I have noticed more bucks, not all monsters but including 1 1/2 years olds on up. Yes there are still alot of doe’s but I don’t believe as many. I know a lot of you hate the Late Winter hunt, (and I don’t really care for it) but could this end up really helping us achieve that ratio. With a lot of you living through out the state what is your opinion of the ratio in your area, or even if the 1 to 1 ratio is good or even correct? I am really looking forward to the responses on this. AND MAY YOU ALL HAVE A SAFE & HAPPY THANKSGIVING! And hope you all get a little bow hunting in this wk-end, I am!

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Well i hunt central illinois, and early season i saw doe after doe, but just like last year..towards the end of october the number of bucks i see are way more than the number of does i see on my 250. In fact, going back to nov. 11 i have seen 4 does to 7 bucks… i think its hard to get a good grasp on the true ratio becuase a lot of bucks are nocturnal or you just dont see them as often. Bottom line, if you have does you are going to have bucks, and the number of bucks you see increase as rut approaches. If you see more bucks than does ( as in my land), id say whatever the ratio is on your land its good enough.  1:1 is ideal but how can you really ever know….

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Berlin, I may get knocked for this but on my place i like too see 1 too 3.The deer numbers on the place are VERY HIGH considering whats happened too the illinois deer herd. My dad was in stand with my son for 57min and had 2 does down and could of shot 3 more…And they saw 2 bucks at 150-155 inches…..!!!!!We will leave the farm alone till next year!!With meat in the freezer we are all happy and the bucks are left too grow even bigger:)